Holbeck: Get to know your PCSO – Claire Leech

In the first of a series of articles, we introduce you to your local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). They are members of support staff employed, directed and managed by their Police Force who work to complement and support regular police officers, providing a visible and accessible uniformed presence to improve the quality of life in the community and offer greater public reassurance.

My name is Claire Leech and I have been a PCSO for more than six years based within City and Holbeck area.

West Yorkshire Police logoI originally started my career in Rothwell where I was based for approximately 18 months. I saw an opportunity to work at South Leeds High School which was on a 12 months secondment to reduce disorder in the school, being part of a team of five Police staff including a Sergeant.

What an exciting opportunity that turned out to be, we did in fact (eventually) succeed in reducing disorder at the school so they no longer required all of us so I returned back to Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Working at the school created great relationships with many youths from the area and I have maintained a good understanding and friendship…which ever area I work in I always get kids shouting to me as they recognise me from the school.

It’s good to see some of the kids now have jobs and some continued their education and went to college getting good jobs in the process. I arrived at Holbeck Police station and was given the Holbeck beat which I’ve been doing now for a few years.

Unfortunately last year I had a knee operation which left me office bound and drove me insane, being sat at a computer all day and answering telephone calls is not my ideal job….for residents that already know me I’m always on my Police issued mountain bike and involving myself in something or other! I do enjoy working in Holbeck as it a very diverse beat and gives me great opportunities to work with all parts of the community, who are my first priority.

The core problem with Holbeck currently is prostitution within the residential areas, we have an ongoing Police Operation which is monitored daily and smaller Operations are organised with other agencies to try to make more of an impact.

This is now going to be my responsibility for my team so more action to follow on this front….be afraid, be very afraid!!!

I find the majority of my residents friendly and appreciative of the work I do and get involved in, from small bike rides with local primary schools to assisting in drugs warrants and regular anti-social behaviour incidents I seem to “come across” during my day.

I regularly attend elderly day centres to provide crime prevention advice and reassurance and regularly keep in contact with the Voice of Holbeck to keep me updated on any problems or concerns.

Holbeck Gala was a very good event for me, seeing all my residents together and the weather was fantastic.

If you need to speak to me or wish to meet me in person you can come along and have a chat with me at the Mobile Library destinations below…your problem is my problem and if I don’t know about it there’s nothing I can do about it. But bear in mind I work shifts and may not be able to make every Mobile Library date but you can phone or e-mail me and I’m more than happy to meet with you at a more appropriate time or date to suit you.

Phone 0113 2414629 E-mail claire.leech@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Surgeries: Ingram Road Primary 10.15am till 11.15am; Wednesday weekly Ingram Gardens / Ct 3.15pm till 4.45pm; Thursday weekly Ninevah Parade 5.30pm till 7.30pm; Thursday weekly St Matthews Church 1.15pm till 2.15pm; Saturday weekly St Matthews Church 12.45pm till 2.15pm; Friday Alternate weeks Cleveleys Ct sheltered housing 2.45pm till 4.15pm Alternate weeks