Holbeck Elderly Aid prepares for the ‘big reveal’

A meeting on Friday (15 November 2019) afternoon will find out what changes Holbeck Elderly Aid (HEA) is making as an organisation, including its new name.

HEA delivers a range of services, predominantly for people aged over 55 in the area. These range from hot meals, shopping trips, advice and support and activities such as table tennis and line dancing. It is one of Leeds’ Neighbourhood Networks – independent organisations  delivering similar services across the city.

Chief Executive, Elissa Newman, explained why HEA is changing:

“Since 1992 we have been a Neighbourhood Network, primarily supporting the older generation living in our community. As a new chapter in Holbeck’s development starts to emerge we’ve been asking our older generations what they value about us as an organisation.

“They told us how important it is to connect with where you live and work – the pride they feel in calling Holbeck home. They told us about the value of neighbourliness, community and friendships.

“They told us that they see us an anchor in the community; a reliable resource and somebody you know is always going to be there. They also told us that words like ‘elderly’ and ‘aid’ are not the right words to describe what we do. And in telling us this they empowered us to take a fresh look at our role in the community. So, from 15 November we will have a new name that welcomes all ages.”

Everyone (of all ages) is welcome to join HEA at their Big Reveal on Friday 15 November at St Matthew’s Community Centre, 2:30-4:30pm.