Hilary Benn MP visits Middleton Railway

Middleton Railway President Hilary Benn MP visited the railway’s Moor Road headquarters on Wednesday (2 June 2021) during a Half Term Operating Day.

He spoke with many of the railway’s working volunteers and was particularly interested in the railway’s Young Volunteers Group, supervised by member John Linkins, a teacher by profession.

The Young Volunteers are a vital part of the railway’s future plans – new members are needed to replace those current members who are not getting any younger – and Hilary was most impressed with the youngsters he spoke to during his visit.

Trainee Guard Alex Smith said:

“I am very happy to be at the railway and hope to be a qualified guard soon. It’s all part of my journey and ambitions!”

Railway Chairman Charles Milner and Vice President Ian Smith showed Hilary around the site and showed him the newly constructed Mezzanine Floor, part of our expansion plans.

The upstairs part of the railways Moor Road headquarters is having a major refurbishment, to include replacing equipment and carpets in the current Conference Room and the construction and fitting out of the new mezzanine floor, which has been led by Civil Engineer Mark Calvert. Whilst the mezzanine is not yet finished due to the effects of Covid on both staff and suppliers,  Hilary was amazed at the view of the Display Hall and has said he wants to come and visit once all the displays have been completed and the floor is fully open.

Chairman Charles Milner said:

“We were delighted to host Hilary and show him the many things our hard working members have achieved despite all the problems thrown up by covid and we look forward to welcoming  him again soon.”

Middleton Railway is currently open every Sunday. Find full details on the websit: middletonrailway.org.uk


This post was wreitten by Ian Smith

Photo: Hilary Benn at Moor Road station with TTI and Trainee Guard Alex Smith

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