Have your say on the Council’s draft budget for next year

Public consultation is now invited on Leeds City Council’s budget proposals for the next financial year.

From now until midnight on Wednesday 13 January 2021, the council would like to hear the views of residents and anyone who works in or travels to the city on how it should continue to fund services next year.

The consultation is an online survey, which can be completed at www.leeds.gov.uk/budgetconsultation in around 15 minutes.

Like many councils across the UK, Leeds currently faces significant financial challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on top of year-on-year budget reductions. The resources Leeds City Council receives through the government support grant, council tax and business rates have all been affected by the pandemic, resulting in a £119 million gap in the budget for the next financial year (2021-22).

The initial proposals show how the council plans to address the funding gap. To continue supporting vital adult social care services in light of reduced government support, a council tax rise of 4.99 per cent is proposed.

The full budget report is available at bit.ly/2WpW2Eo

Last year 1,537 people responded to the budget consultation carried out between December 2019 and January 2020. A wide range of people across the city answered questions on public priorities for funding allocated to different services.

Councillors will review the results of the consultation before a final decision is made on the budget in February 2021.

To take part in the consultation go to www.leeds.gov.uk/budgetconsultation


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council

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3 Replies to “Have your say on the Council’s draft budget for next year”

  1. I’d like an independent body to scrutinise the budget.
    I’m positive that there’s plenty of unimportant projects receiving funds that could be placed on hold.

    Councillor and Executive salaries could be shaved to safe a few hundred thousand pounds. More analysis of value for money from outsourcing would be useful too.

    Having just read that Leeds City Council have been awarded £500,000 to help with homelessness, I have to question what they’ve been doing for the last 40 yrs or more. Remember this is a Labour ran council.

  2. Id like a break down of what adult social care actually covers TRUTHFULLY if thats at al possible

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