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South Leeds Life reader Suzy Grace has been in touch via our Facebook page about a review of tendered bus services in the Leeds area. Tendered bus services are those which Metro wholly or partly funds. Perhaps readers might want to have their say? Suzy writes:

“Hi, just saw that Metro are doing a bus review/public consultation on a number of services in South Leeds. Public consultation [runs] until 18  Feb 2013 with changes from July.

“Service changes include extending bus route 61 to John Charles Stadium 🙂 perhaps we could try to get it running a bit further in Beeston to make better use of the new proposed Stadium stop. See www.wymetro.com/consultation/busreview. “

What do you think? Follow the above link and take part in the consultation and post your comments here on South Leeds Life in our comments section below.

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2 Replies to “Have your say on buses in South Leeds”

  1. Extending the 61 bus to the John Charles sports centre seems like a good idea. However, it won’t improve access for people in Holbeck and Beeston since the service doesn’t run through there anymore. A service that runs thorugh these area to the centre is needed, especially foollowing the closure of South Leeds Sports Centre.

  2. It would be great if as many people as possible could e-mail metro BusConsultation@wypte.gov.uk and ask if we can have the 61 bus route extended to cover Beeston so we can actually get on the bus to start with! The times proposed also look a bit stupid – starting at 9.30 and finishing at 3.30. It needs to start earlier and finish later if anyone is really going to make use of dropping off at the Sports Centre. Kids swimming lessons, for example, usually start around 4pm! Personally I think it would be great for the bus to either go through Beeston or finish at the White Rose Shopping Centre as people in Hunslet don’t seem to have any quick route to get to the Shopping Centre either. I work in Hunslet and usually walk from Dewsbury Road or have to go via town to get there/back.

    Metro are having drop in sessions on:
    Monday 7th Jan, 10am-2pm at Morrisons, Morley
    Friday 11th Jan, 10am-6pm at the White Rose Shopping Centre
    Thursday 31st Jan, 10am-2pm at Morrisons, Hunslet

    So please get your opinion heard!

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