Green Futures youth group to hold open day

A youth group in Beeston is encouraging more you people to join them by holding an open day and cooking workshop on Saturday 24 February 2024.

We are Green Futures, a South Leeds-based youth group, funded by a Children in Need youth social action grant and supported by Health for All. We believe that young people have the power to create a more sustainable lifestyle in our community and to help spread awareness of climate change in our local environment.

Our goal is to have more teenagers join us in our journey and take part in being activists in our community to create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By coming together, we want to ensure that all young people have their voices heard.

If you are interested in joining Green Futures, we welcome young people from all backgrounds and experiences. We are inviting you to our sustainable community cooking workshop where you can experience new skills and meet new people. This is open to anyone from age 11-18 and we would like to share our achievements with you and give an insight on what you can do too.

It does not matter if you already have a strong interest or foundation in environmental issues or simply want to make a difference in your community; we believe that every contribution matters. Together, we can build a sustainable future for South Leeds and beyond.

Are you aged 11 to 18 and tired of constantly living and being surrounded by an unhealthy and unjust lifestyle? As young people ourselves, we are always trying to drive towards a more sustainable, healthy future. We rarely see any adverts that promote healthy food. The main source of advertisement we are exposed to consists of junk food which is promoted as the only affordable option of food in our community.

This is an exciting opportunity for young people, and it will create a change in our communities. As a group, we have already achieved many great things for our environment. For example, going litter picking in our community and getting pizza as a reward after we first work hard. At the end of each session, we are provided a full meal cooked by the staff and sometimes our young people! This is because we prioritise our well-being as well as motivating each other and developing new skills and leadership qualities, whilst having fun.

At Green Futures, we are more than just a group of people, we are a community that encourages personal growth and empowers young people to make a difference. We believe that sustainability is a collective effort and that by involving young people, we can create a better future for all.

The open day takes place on Saturday 24 February 2024, 1-3pm, at Beeston Village Community Centre, off Town Street LS11 8DQ. The event is free, but booking is essential:  click her to book


This post was written by Kandy Liu

Photo: The Green Futures group make their point at Beeston Festival last year

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