GoodGym Leeds and Hunslet TARA plant 2,000 bulbs

It was great to join local residents from Hunslet Tenants & Residents Association and volunteers from the GoodGym Leeds to help plant some of the 6,000+ blubs (of a variety of species) in the large green space in the middle of the Hunslet estate off Church Street and Midland Road. We managed to plant 2,000 bulbs despite the rain.

It was hoped we could do more planting this weekend, but this will now not happen until the end of the national lockdown.

These bulbs, once they flower, will add a splash of colour to the area in the Spring and Summer going forward. They will also help improve the biodiversity of the area by providing local pollinating insects with an additional food source. This will help support the local recovery of these vital insects.

For all these reasons, Councillors Mohammed Iqbal, Elizabeth Nash and I were happy to approve the funding for this project via the Leeds City Council Inner South Community Committee.

Stewart Walton, Chair of Hunslet TARA said:

“Hunslet Tenants and Residents Association thrives on making our community a better place and when the Councillors brought up the idea of the bulbs- we said yes. My personal thanks to GoodGym Leeds for helping plant these seasonal flower bulbs – you have been a great help”

Gemma Bridge from GoodGym Leeds said:

“GoodGym are a group of runners and walkers that combine keeping active with helping our community. We have a strong group in Leeds and we are always keen to get active and help out whenever we can. The GoodGym Leeds team enjoyed planting bulbs in Hunslet, despite the rain, and are looking forward to finishing off the Community Mission when the lockdown is lifted!”

Not only will these bulbs improve the visual look of this area for years to come when they flower – they will provide an additional source of food for pollinating insects. Supporting their recovery is vital for the environment and will have a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of local people as they see more wildlife begin to slowly return as a result. This is a priority for the Council and us local Councillors.


This post was written by Cllr Paul Wray

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4 Replies to “GoodGym Leeds and Hunslet TARA plant 2,000 bulbs”

  1. Massive thanks to everyone involved. they will brighten up the place in a few months, something good to look forward to.

  2. I live in the Arthingtons all we have is leaves blowing off the trees bad for walking we need to be careful. Plants would be good please. Anne

    1. HI Anne. If you can tell me where the leaf fall is collecting, I will ask a crew to attends. There will also be 1000+ new bulbs planted on Hunslet Lake Park when we are allowed too.

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