Garnets Greenspace Consultation

A consultation event about public open space on the Garnets in Beeston is being held tomorrow (Thursday 14 May 2015).

Garnet gardenAs previously reported on South Leeds Life, residents have asked for communal green space to be incorporated into the designs for new houses which are due to be built by the council.

Leeds City Council have listened to suggestions put forward, but do not want to reduce the number of houses to be built, or to ‘squeeze up’ the houses to free up land for green space. Instead they have suggested improving the existing public open space – a small garden area on Garnet Place and the nearby children’s playground.

Whilst residents are keen to see these areas improved they point to problems with both of them. The garden is next to the service entrance to the Iceland supermarket. This sees regular deliveries by articulated lorries, which have to back in through a narrow entrance, and home delivery vans.

Garnet playgroundAccess to the children’s playground has reduced since The Vale Circles day centre fenced and gated their car park on Tunstall Road. Daytime access is still possible via this route but at other times parents and children have to navigate the supermarket car park which doesn’t have a separate pedestrian entrance.

The consultation will take place in the community garden between 3:30-6:30pm on Thursday 14 May. Residents have also received a questionnaire which can be handed back on Thursday or returned by post before Friday 22 May.

Alternatively the questionnaire is available on the council website’s Talking Point page.