Front row seats for Halloween at Slung Low

Slung Low, Holbeck’s own theatre presents two spooky shows this week to celebrate Halloween.

On Sunday 1 November at 5pm they present ‘Gated Community’, a puppet show by Handheld Arts.

“Where one house once stood, there now stands eight.
A whole new neighbourhood, secured behind a gate.”

An idyllic dream quickly turns into a suburban nightmare with limited resale value. Behind the gates of Orchard Mews the term ‘housing crisis’ takes on a much more sinister meaning for the residents and its visitors. Handheld Arts will buzz you in to this playfully twisted cautionary tale for adults inspired by The Wicker Man, Rear Window and Running Wild by J.G. Ballard.

Watch the trailer:

Then on Thursday 5 November at 7:30pm RM Lloyd Parry will perform A Pleasing Terror: Two Ghost Stories by MR James. The Daily Mail has described the show as “Wonderful, magical storytelling.”

pleasing-terror-iOver a century after they were first published, the ghost stories of MR James retain their power to terrify and amuse. This gripping one man show retells two of the earliest and eeriest.

In Canon Alberic’s Scrap-book, a young Cambridge antiquary discovers the devil in the details of an old book in a medieval town in the French Pyrenees… Whilst in The Mezzotint a ghoulish revenge is enacted within a work of art, before the helpless eyes of a museum curator in Oxford…

There is a very limited capacity so to reserve a ticket please email with the number of tickets you wish to reserve and a contact telephone number.

Tickets will be “Pay What You Decide” which means you will pay the company AFTER the show.

Slung Low Theatre is located at 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck, LS11 9UA



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