Free online workshops to help you with digital skills

With the current Coronavirus lockdown it’s never been so important to be confident about using computers and connecting with the online world.

If you would like help to brush up your skills, help ids at hand from the Get IT Together (GTT) project. They are currently running FREE online help drop-in sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for IT, computers, tablets, smartphones and devices.

They are also holding online learning sessions on specialist topics on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Sessions planned so far include:

  • shopping and paying online,
  • Internet Browsers and downloading safely,
  • WORD,
  • Password Management,
  • File Management,
  • iPADS and iPhones,
  • Android phones and tablets

We are using Zoom as our online system, full instructions will be given on how to access it if you have not done so in the past.

To join a session, you need to register at Login information will then be sent to you.

For General enquiries about these sessions call 07754 391498

These sessions are free to Leeds residents and partly funded by: Leeds City Council – 100% Digital and Housing Leeds


Photo: Gwydion M. Williams via Creative Commons