Former Holbeck Kwik Save to become Venus: Middle Eastern supermarket/restaurant

The former Kwik Save in Domestic Street, Holbeck, is set for a new lease of life as a Middle Eastern supermarket cum restaurant. Photograph: John Baron

Seems that the former Holbeck Kwik Save supermarket at the bottom of Domestic Street has finally found a new owner.

According to the signs which have gone up this week, the former supermarket building – which has been empty since 2007 – will be transformed into a supermarket/cafe/restaurant/takeaway called ‘Venus’ selling Turkish and Middle Eastern food and drink. The news store will apparently be ‘opening soon’.

A bit of ferreting around online shows that VenusFood has a website (which also trumpets their arrival in Holbeck). They’re a Manchester-based company who describe themselves as an ‘importers and wholesaler and final seller of Turkish and Iranian foods.  This includes traditional foods from both countries’.

They describe their services as: ‘Fresh baking in store, Turkish Bread (Pide) and Turkish Sweets. Fabulous and delicious takeaway for your taste. Wholesaler of products for restaurants, take aways’.

You can read reviews of their Manchester operation here and here.

What do you think? The future of the site has been a big talking point in Holbeck. Let us know in the comments below.