My first term at Cockburn High School

Stanley PotterMy name is Stanley and I’d like to write about my first term at Cockburn High School. Cockburn is a high school in Beeston, Leeds.

I found that it was very different than my primary school. Firstly, high school is much more bigger than primary school. Secondly the system is different. Instead of having just one class, you have lots of different classes that you have to get to and from. You have a timetable and planner which tells you where you need to be. Can you believe it, in my first week I got lost on my way to Geography!

The school meals are also different. In comparison, we used to have our lunch served to us on plates, but in high school you can buy your own meals and eat them from takeaway boxes. There is also a thumb scanning machine, which identifies which person’s thumb it is and links to your own account number. We can buy things this way. I get money added to my account for dinner and a cookie.

My favourite teacher has got to be Mr Fong Wah. He teaches History. Mr. Fong Wah, is very supportive by giving us advice for homework projects to make them as good as they can be. Because of this I have really enjoyed History so far.

However, my favourite subject has got to be Art. Art is more advanced at high school. You get to explore different materials so you can have fun whilst learning.
I have made five new friends. I still have my old friends from primary school too. We have learnt that there are loads of different lunch time activities. Me and my new friends go to ICT lunch time class. There are lots of after school clubs too which I will hopefully get onto next term.

I am now enjoying a well earned half term.

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  1. Well done on your blog and if you find a project to do in history and need any coins or artefacts just let me know ok.
    Well done Stanley…..way to go.

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