Expansion plans at Cockburn John Charles move ahead

Plans to expand Cockburn John Charles Academy in Belle Isle are proceeding with approval being sought to accept a tender for the building works.

As South Leeds Life has previously reported, extra pressure has been placed on schools in South Leeds by the Government’s delay in releasing funds to build the new Laurence Calvert Free School on the site of the former Middleton Park High School. This isn’t now expected to open until September 2022. 60 extra places were created at Cockburn John Charles in 2019 and 60 have been created for September 2020. A permanent expansion of 30 places from 210 to 240 each September is planned from 2022.

The biggest pressure point for the school caused by the expansion is the lunch break. Plans have been drawn up to enlarge the dining area with a single storey extension being built on part of the current courtyard. This will ensure all pupils can have their lunch within the school’s current lunch break. Planning permission for the work was granted on 22 October 2019.

The works themselves will cost £1,421,434. The full scheme costs including all additional fees and services and a contingency (held by the Council) is £2,150,924.03. If the work proceeds to timetable the new facility should open after the October half term this year.

You can read the full Tender Acceptance Report by clicking here.