Dogs in the Library?

Martyn White ruminates on his experiences in Leeds Libraries …

Not ordinary dogs, but carved stone dogs. They are on the staircase in the Central Library on the Headrow in Leeds. The library building is an old building, along with the art gallery which is alongside. The architecture is very interesting especially inside, with ornate tiles and quite a few features.

Central Library dog 1 Central Library dog 2

I’ve been using Leeds libraries for about 60 years, at first using the library at Dewsbury Road, next to the old Police station. In those days behaviour was more controlled than it is today. People were expected to speak no louder than a whisper. I used to like the revolving table that had newly published books.

I now live in Beeston. The library is the newest of three since 1965. Quite a good library, with over a dozen computers to use. There are quite a few services that can be accessed via the computer. There are links to Leeds City Council. You can meet your councillor. If you don’t know how to use a computer, lessons can be arranged.

The librarians are very helpful, with many services being available. Quite a good selection of books. If the one you want isn’t available, one of the librarians will order it for you, assuming that a copy is in the Leeds Library system. Librarians seem to be a special breed of people.

One thing that does bother me! The lack of manners, shown by some of the users of the library. The words “please” and “thank you” seem not to exist anymore. Customers shouldn’t use the library as a cafe, but treat the library with respect.


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