Developers Meeting Re Site for new Stores in Middleton.

Cllr Emma Pogson-Golden & Cllr Wayne Dixon.

Developers meeting.

We both attended a meeting with the developer to discuss the plans.

There is 9 Units, the largest two are occupied.

Stores: Confirmed are ALDI & B&M after LIDL pulled out. Several others retailers are in talks, but the developer didn’t want to reveal these until confirmed in writing.

The ALDI at the top of the Avenue will become a Farm foods store.

Employment: We discussed the importance of the jobs been offered to local people and he agreed to work with us and the tenants to ensure the jobs are offered to local people where possible.

Access: We discussed potential issues with access and the developer has agreed to put extra protection in to protect from unauthorised access from bikes/ quads. The main entrance will be blocked by electronic bollards that will be raised by staff occupying the units when the site is closed.

Availability: some units are still available, anyone interested should contact us and we can put you in contact directly with the owner.

PUB: We asked about the potential for a family pub offering food, this was explored, but the large chains wanted 40 designated car parking spaces and he couldn’t offer them that in this development. However, he may be willing to explore other avenues with us on this.

Dates: The developer is hoping to hand keys over to tenants from April 2024, this could mean store’s opening anytime after that (depending how organised they are.


11 Replies to “Developers Meeting Re Site for new Stores in Middleton.”

  1. Please put a Burger King or McDonald’s on this site, no Costa or Subway there prices are too high this area.
    A Toby Carvery would be nice.

    Majority of traffic should be on Belle-Isle Road and not Town Street.

  2. Please can someone think about the impact of traffic on locals! The lights at asda cause chaos at peak times. This is only going to add to the congestion!
    Why was there not an accessible footbridge from the original shopping centre to asda to cross the road rather than lights just after a roundabout and just before ??? Planning !! Cmon…

  3. Bit disappointed that Aldi is moving I don’t shop at Farm Foods … could do with nice cheap coffee shops not expensive ones Middleton is classed as poor area ..not everyone can afford expensive coffee. The hub cafe in middleton have cut price days Tues to Thur where tea is just 50p a cup.

  4. Mhopefully the council re-purposes part of the old shopping centre site and demolishes part of this to make way for a pub/dinning offer.
    One thing South Leeds is really lacking is places to eat out as a family. This will also prevent the existing shopping centre site from becoming derelict.
    Green king, whetherspoons or Toby carvery would be a great addition for the local area…… Maybe re-purpose some of the old retail units into small independent restaurants too….. This could cater for both people on low incomes and others with cash to spare.

  5. Hi , I want to work in farm food Middleton branch new upcoming where it was Aldi store .

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