Deacon Al aims to put the ‘Christ’ back into Christmas

Deacon Al Henry of Middleton Methodist Church has sent us details of an idea he’s come up with  to put “CHRIST” back into Christmas.

He’s aiming to to work together with local people in Middleton and Belle Isle to put on a special community festival involving schools, community groups, churches and individuals.

Ideas include businesses and shops being encouraged to dress their windows with nativity scenes, along with individual homes.

There could be a weekend Christmas community event, nativity scenes from around the world and decorated windows in people’s homes for each day of Advent. Deacon Al says:

“I would like feedback from individuals, schools, churches and groups if this is a possible idea for our community and seek your advice, help and assistance on the matter.”

Deacon Al can be emailed on

2 Replies to “Deacon Al aims to put the ‘Christ’ back into Christmas”

  1. I think this a fantastic idea! As a Christian living in Belle Isle its great to have an opportunity to share the real meaning of Christmas with my community.

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