Covid: National Day of Reflection 2022

The National Day of Reflection is a day for us all to connect with each other, as we support the millions of people who are grieving, and reflect on the lives of the people we’ve lost during the last two years.

On Wednesday (23 March 2022), it will be two years since the first UK lockdown. Whether a death is recent or long ago, and whether or not it was due to Covid-19, the restrictions we’ve all been living under have meant that many people have had to grieve without friends and family around them.

Whether sudden or expected, the death of someone close to us can be devastating. We will all feel the pain of grief at some point in our lives.

The last two years have reminded us how much harder grief is when you are isolated from those whom you care about and those who support you.

While life is beginning to return to normal for some people, several million people are still living with the trauma of loss, and not being able to grieve properly. This includes many children as well as adults. Let’s come together, in our streets, workplaces, schools and communities, as well as with the nation at large, to acknowledge and soothe this pain.

Let’s make the legacy of the pandemic years one of compassion, love and active support for those who grieve, both now, and in the years to come.

On 23 March, let’s take time to connect, supporting the millions of people who are grieving, and remembering the family, friends, neighbours and colleagues we’ve lost during the pandemic.

St. Mary’s Parish Church, Town Street, Beeston, LS11 8PN is opening up for anyone to remember a loved one, leave a photo, or write a name or a memory on our Wall of Reflection.

At 12 noon we’ll be tolling our bell to introduce a minute’s silence, and at 8pm we’ll be lighting candles. Do join us.


This post was written by Rev Lindsey Pearson

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