Councillors support ‘Wellbeing In Wellies’ school trips

Councillors on the Inner South Community Committee have provided funding to Skelton Grange Environment Centre in Stourton to help reduce the cost of school trips to the nature centre.

Under the slogan ‘Wellbeing In Wellies’ the centre is offering teachers and pupils a happy and healthy day of learning at a Pay As You Feel rate. The funding covers trips made before Easter 2021 and the centre provides a wide range of tailored activities including:

  • Wild Literacy: Bear Hunt; The Gruffalo (Foundation Stage)
  • Wild History: The Great Fire of London; Victorian Christmas (Key Stage 1)
  • Wild History: Stone Age (Key Stage 2)
  • Wild in the Woods Survival Adventure (Key Stages 1 & 2)

A spokesperson for Skelton Grange commented:

“After the difficulties of lockdown there has never been a better time to get children outside to explore, re-socialise and learn in a safe outdoor environment. We have worked hard to make sure that your visit to Skelton Grange will be Covid-secure while still giving your class a fantastic time.”

For more information contact the centre: (0113) 243 0815.