Councillor fights to make busy road crossing safer

Councillor Andrew Scopes (Beeston & Holbeck) is fighting to get railings reinstalled at a busy road crossing used by school children.

The central pedestrian refuge between the two carriageways of Dewsbury Road at the Tommy Wass junction has been left without railings following works relating to the new cycleway.

The crossing is used twice a day by hundreds of children walking to Cockburn School every day.

“I’m worried that there could be a tragic accident at this junction” he said. “Teenagers are not always as responsible as we would hope and I’m worried light hearted jostling could end up with a child falling into the road.

“This is a busy stretch of road with a 40 mph speed limit. We’ve already seen the new railings on the pub corner demolished in a traffic accident. I’m in touch with officers in the Highways department and I’m hopeful railings will be reinstalled at this junction quickly.”

It’s not clear exactly why railings weren’t put back when the refuge was rebuilt, but other crossings at Barkly Parade, Middleton Grove and Hunslet Fire Station have also been left without railings.

A response from Highways officers seen by South Leeds Life stated:

“We have designed the island so that there are raised kerbs on both sides to guide pedestrians to the crossing and it allows us to create a more open environment.”

Cllr Scopes is also looking into issues at the junctions of Allenby Road, Allenby Drive and Westland Road with Dewsbury Road. Residents have raised issues about visibility for drivers joining Dewsbury Road as they now have to cross the cycle path and the lack of signage warning them that it is a two way cycle path and to look both ways before crossing it.


5 Replies to “Councillor fights to make busy road crossing safer”

  1. I am sorry to have to correct Cllr Scopes with regard to Cockburn pupils who cross Dewsbury Road. The majority do not cross using the crossings but use a non existent diagonal route between the convenience store on Old Lane and the parade on Dewsbury Road/Ring Road which is muxh more dangerous to themselves and vehicle drivers.

  2. I’m sure most users of the crossing would feel much safer if the railings were reinstated. It seems such a retrograde step to remove something put there in the first place to enhance safety.

  3. Cllr Scopes is absolutely right to take up this issue. This crossing is a danger to all users. I notice there is an existing barrier on the pavement in front of the pub. In the middle of this 40mph 4 lane road you’re exposed when crossing in both directions. The Highways Officers remarks beggar belief, people with such incompetent attitudes to safety are not fit to be working for the Highways Dept.

  4. The railings were reinstated but then something ran into them and the damaged section was removed, the council should be in the process of fitting another section.

  5. Replace the railings and the mile stone that was taken from the base of the Tommy Wass. It was of historic importance but has disappeared

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