Council and Euro election candidates announced


On Friday (25 April 2014) the Council published the lists of candidates standing in the local elections and the European Parliamentary elections which will be held on Thursday 22 May.

Poling stationSouth Leeds Life decided to cover these elections in greater detail than previously and we have set up a section of the website called ‘Elections 2014‘, it’s on the top row of the menu above. We have set up a page for each of our three wards: Beeston & Holbeck, City & Hunslet and Middleton Park. On each page you will find the published information about each candidate: name, the party they are standing for and home address.

We have written to each candidate and invited them to provide some information about why they are standing – already one candidate in Middleton Park ward has responded. We will add the responses as we receive them building up a picture of who the candidates are and the choice you have.

The European Parliamentary elections are run on a proportional representation system. We will be electing six MEPs to represent Yorkshire & The Humber. You have one vote which you give to one of the parties standing. We have listed the parties on our European Parliament page and will add further details as we get them.

South Leeds Life does not support any political party, but believe that it is important for people to vote. How can you complain about your elected representatives if you don’t take part in the election?

To vote you must be registered with Leeds City Council on the electoral roll, the deadline for registration is Tuesday 6 May. You can download a form here: 2014 Voter Reg Form


Image by Angie Muldowney used under license.

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  1. Good work on putting together the elections section of this site, am surprised at so many of the candidates not bothering to type a few words about themselves and what they stand for to go on there, does that say something for their commitment to the community? The ones that have make for informative reading which I am sure will help many voters in each ward.

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