Could Homeshare give you the support you need?

At Leeds Homeshare  we provide a service that makes a positive difference to people’s lives, enabling people to have help and company at home, and stay independent.

Homeshare is a simple idea: we carefully match someone who has a spare room and who would like some support, with a helpful sharer who wants somewhere affordable to live. The person who wants help at home might be isolated, older, with a disability or health condition. Everyone is welcome to enquire! Sharers come from many backgrounds too and are often people in work or students. We are a Leeds City Council service.

After a full application process, the carefully matched Sharer provides 10 hours of support a week and can help with tasks such as cleaning, shopping, gardening or shared meals. Sometimes householders contact us because they live alone or after their partner has died because they want the reassurance of company in the house overnight. Other people are looking for someone to go with them on outings or for a walk. The pandemic has also led to people feeling more isolated and looking at new ways of living.

We have several assessed and checked Sharers at the moment who are available to move into a home to provide regular help and support!

We have a lovely Sharer called Daxa who is in her early 50s and is hoping to live in a Homeshare in in South Leeds. She will work mostly from home, is a good cook, easy to chat with and happy to help with cleaning, tidying and outings. Daxa speaks Guajarati as well as English and enjoys reading, walking and watching films.

Also Nuria, a sharer age 47 who is looking for a quiet Homeshare with access to green spaces. She speaks Spanish, is interested in healthy eating, has a warm sense of humour and is wishing to share with a woman who might need company, or help with cooking, cleaning, tidying or gardening. She is also interested in walking and animal welfare.

When people apply to the scheme we take careful measures to find the right sharer for each person who would like help at home, and someone they feel comfortable with. Homeshare provides a safe and supportive service by carrying out background checks which includes police, credit and reference checks.

Householders who have taken part have said:

“Simple things like keeping the garden nice and the house tidy … makes a huge difference to people’s health and wellbeing.”

And another participant said:

“I couldn’t really be happier, it’s really nice.”

We can work to make the right match for you as you need it!

Homeshare brings two people together who have a lot to offer and benefits include shared experience and meeting new people.

Sharers contribute an affordable monthly fee towards some of the running costs of the scheme, and Householders provide a comfortable room for them to stay in, and benefit from regular help at home. We provide ongoing contact to everyone who takes part and have careful covid measures in place.

Could you, or someone you know, benefit from having a sharer? If so please get in touch with Leeds Homeshare. Call (0113) 387 5410, email: or visit:


This post was written by Emma Harris

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