Community fundraiser lands law firm apprenticeship

Thrive Law, a Leeds based firm specialising in employment law with a focus on mental health, has appointed Khaleeqa Bostan as Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Khaleeqa Bostan

South Leeds Life reported back in June how Khaleeqa, from Beeston, raised over £750 in an online campaign after arson attacks on two local places of worship.

Khaleeqa’s expertise in digital software and marketing is already increasing Thrive Law’s social media presence on Instagram and Facebook by connecting with their audience and revolutionise the way in which lawyers are perceived.

Khaleeqa commented:

“I want to break the stereotype of lawyers being ‘too legal’ and boring, I plan on creating a social media strategy which will show people that we do have personalities. Jodie and the #thrivetribe are very welcoming and my work days never really feel like work because I enjoy what I do so much.”

Jodie Hill, from Middleton, only founded Thrive Law in March this year, but already it has received national recognition in the media for its mental health campaign to make mental health first aiders mandatory in the workplace so it comes as no surprise that business is booming.

Jodie’s motivation for founding Thrive Law is fuelled by her experience with poor mental health in the workplace and has made it her mission to encourage open dialogue and is a keen advocate for a positive corporate culture.

Jodie commented:

“Throughout my career, especially in my capacity as a solicitor, I have witnessed the breakdown of working relationships and the consequential impact this has on both the wider team and the employees concerned, in respect of their mental health and wellbeing. I have been overwhelmed with how prevalent poor mental health in the workplace is, so I feel responsibility to help educate and raise awareness on this very imperative issue.”