Combatting hunger with Tasty Tuesdays at BITMO


“26% of teachers see primary school pupils fall asleep in class from lack of food”, the Guardian Lost Education Study 2013

BITMO's GATE logoWe often hear, read and get told about the importance of children having breakfast before school; about the affects hunger has on their concentration, alertness and ability to process information… yet we’re seeing an increasing amount of adults accessing local help and support services who are hungry.

A 48 year old chap visits BITMOs GATE, arriving promptly at 9:15am and not leaving until 4pm. He does this every day. With no internet access at home, our computers are the only means of him signing into his Universal Jobs Match account and applying for work. He helps himself to the tea and coffee we make available, but he never brings any lunch with him, no snacks or food… we can hear his stomach grumbling from the reception desk! We all know that after a few hours the effects of his hunger will be starting to reflect in his ability to job hunt. Unfortunately, this chap is just one of many example we see.

CBFT volunteers prepare lunch
CBFT volunteers prepare lunch

With donations from South Leeds Foodbank and the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust, BITMOs GATE will be launching a new ‘Tasty Tuesdays’ service… offering a FREE hot meal to anyone using the resource centre, or on their way to pick up a food hamper from the South Leeds Foodbank’s collection point at Middleton Methodist Church. Mel Fox, from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, will be available each Tuesday morning to do a benefits review, to ensure people are getting their full entitlement.

BITMOs GATE is delighted to also be able to offer further help and advice with our ‘Eat Better For Less’ online shopping session, which will encourage and demonstrate how to make healthy, nutritional meals for pennies per person. Our first session starts on Monday 31 March from 2pm.

We all know that being hungry doesn’t help … job search; pluck up the courage to try something new; exercise; leave the house; read new information; socialise; or ask for help.

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This article was written by Carla Yeomans using our Community Reporters website