Cockburn John Charles Academy opens its doors to prospective students

Wednesday (4 October 2017) will see the first ever Open Evening for Cockburn John Charles Academy.

Executive Headteacher David Gurney with Head of School Siobhan Roberts

Previously The South Leeds Academy, the school is now part of the Cockburn Multi Academy Trust, led by Executive Headteacher David Gurney who said:

“My vision is for there to be two outstanding schools serving one community. All learners within this community deserve the best start in life and the Cockburn brand has become synonymous in the local area with high standards and providing a truly exceptional inclusive education for all.”

Head of School, Siobhan Roberts, said:

“I am immensely proud to be part of a school at the heart of our local community, a school which for too long has not provided students with the outcomes of which they are capable.

“It would be wonderful if prospective parents, carers and children could join us for our Open Evening to meet our team of staff and current students to see the progress we have made first hand and to allow us to show why we feel that Cockburn John Charles Academy is on a journey of transformation to excellence.”


One Reply to “Cockburn John Charles Academy opens its doors to prospective students”

  1. Dear Prospective parents and children

    I remember back in 2009 when South Leeds High School was made an Academy.The council said this was the answer to raising standards in our school.In 2009 we achieved 19% of our children gaining 5 A-C grades including English/Maths.

    In 2010 the new Academy achieved 30% of their children gaining 5 A-C including English/Maths.This is what we were wanting for our children.When we found out how this was achieved we were shocked.15 of our children were taken off role so they could not take their exam’s.

    Beware it could be your child this time?

    Speak to your local M.P if you have any doubt’s

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