No closure yet for Middleton Park golf course


In September South Leeds Life reported: There will be a report to the Council’s Executive Board in October, followed by public consultation on the “options”  because that its what we were told at the Council’s Inner South Area Committee. However, there was no report to the Executive Board at its meeting in October… nor in November or December.

golf fairway water tower MiddletonIt seems that the Council has changed its mind about how to handle this. Cllr Mark Dobson, Executive member for Environments and Parks has responded to an enquiry asking what the position is by stating:

“The Parks and Countryside service is not in a position to take a report to the Council’s Executive Board until we have undertaken a comprehensive public consultation process. We will be in a better position to do this once we have been able to undertake a full 12 month review of the financial performance of both courses to the end of March 2014.”

Given that the above process will take some time when asked whether it was possible to indicate how long that it was guaranteed that Middleton Park Golf Course would remain open Cllr. Dobson added:

“Both of the above golf courses* will remain open until such time as the Council is in a position to make its final decision. I have made the Parks and Countryside service fully aware that before I will accept a report before Executive Board, they will need to demonstrate that they have undertaken a public consultation process.”

One of the problems of the length of time all this is taking is the lack of investment on the course, which is badly needed. The Council’s course in north Leeds at Roundhay Park has had new winter tees installed in recent months and is in much better condition than the course at Middleton Park.

But the good news is the promise of comprehensive public consultation, which South Leeds Life has consistently argued for and that there won’t be an early closure. We will let our readers know when the consultation begins.

* The other course threatened with closure is Gotts Park in Armley.

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  1. Ian Bertie, Chairman of Middleton Park Golf course has today posted the following on the Save Middleton Park Golf course Facebook page:

    ‘The Council has deferred the decision to close until September at the earliest, therefore can people please support the course by paying and playing.’

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