Clean Air campaign pushes on: get involved this week

The South Leeds Alliance for Clean Air team are holding a public meeting this Sunday (8 September 2019) for new people to find out more about their work, to share new ideas, and to learn how to get involved.

As previously reported (here, and elsewhere), most of south Leeds is set to be excluded from the proposed new Leeds Clean Air Zone – but local residents are working together to develop projects for the area, to raise awareness of the issues, and to lobby government (national and local) for change.

They are already working on a ‘Plants for People’ project in local schools (pictured), liaising with Leeds City Council and media, looking at locally-led air monitoring, and more – but are also open to new ideas.

Community campaigner Ed Carlisle, one of the coordinators, commented:

“It’s so easy for us all to overlook air pollution, amongst all the visible and tangible life issues we each face. But it’s a big – if unseen – local factor in our communities and lives. It has a huge impact on our health: rates of respiratory (breathing) illnesses are higher in parts of south Leeds than anywhere else in the city. There’s plenty we can do – but we’d love to hear from people willing to lend a hand, in small or big ways, to help us push this work forward.”

The open meeting is this Sunday (8 September 2019), at 8pm, at Rowland Road Club in Beeston Hill – and although there is no obligation to get involved, the meeting will centre around how people can do so. Or contact the group anytime via Facebook, or call Ed on 07738 921 277.