CJCA students meet Holocaust survivor

Year 11 history students at Cockburn John Charles Academy recently got the chance to meet holocaust survivor Dr Iby Knill BEM.

They heard her inspirational story of surviving persecution, of her time in the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz and how she rebuilt her life in England after World War 2 ended.

Head of History, Tracey Chapman said:

“The students listened respectfully and asked a number of thought provoking questions following the presentation. They were a credit to the academy and the local community.”

Head of School, Siobhan Roberts added:

“The academy is committed to providing opportunities such as this, which broaden our students’ understanding of the lessons to be learned from the pages of history, which also add capacity to their cultural capital and allow them to develop as well-rounded members of modern society.

“We pass on our thanks to Dr Iby Knill for taking time to visit our academy and engage with our students.”