Christmas Quiz: the answers

South Leeds Life Board member Sally Ben devised this short quiz for our readers. There were no prizes unfortunately, but we hope you enjoyed it.


Can you decipher our message? Your starter is that the number 5 is the letter E.
23-5  23-9-19-8  25-15-21  1  13-5-18-18-25  3-8-18-9-19-20-13-1-19

We wish you a merry Christmas

How many English words of 3 letters or more can you make out of the letters of REINDEER?
I found 29, can you find more than me?

Dee; deer; dene; die; din; dine; diner; dire; drier; end; eerie; eerier; ere; err; erred; ire; nee; need; needier; nerd; red; reed; rein; reined; rid; ride; rider; rind; render

Christmas Songs Quiz:
1. What did I see Mummy doing under the mistletoe?

Kissing Santa Claus

2. How many kings of Orient were there?


3. What did my True Love give me on the 6th day of Christmas?

Six geese-a-laying … and five gold rings, four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree

4. What noise did the baby in the manger awake to?

Cattle lowing

5. What did I give you last Christmas that you gave away the very next day?

My heart

6. What had filled the shepherd’s troubled minds with mighty dread?

An angel of the Lord

7. What is it fun to ride as the bells jingle?

A one horse open sleigh

8. On what feast did Good King Wenceslas last look out?

The feast of Stephen (26 December, Boxing Day)

9. How many times did Santa sneeze when he got stuck up the chimney?


10. On that silent, holy night, who first saw the light?


11. What does Santa Claus know about you when he comes to town?

If you’re awake / If you’ve been good or bad

12. What did Cliff Richard sing that Christmastime is?

Mistletoe and Wine, Children singing Christian rhymes


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