Changing of the guard in local elections

The Labour Party has lost two of the three seats in South Leeds as Ed Carlisle won the Hunslet & Riverside seat for the Green Party and Wayne Dixon won in Middleton Park for the SDP.

Both candidates have campaigned for a number of years and came close to winning last year. But their margins of success were significant, Ed Carlisle won by almost 500 votes, whilst Wayne Dixon won by over 700 votes.

Commenting on his win, Ed Carlisle said:

“It’s taken a long time to get here, we’ve run in many elections, but it’s great to eventually break through. Huge thanks to the large number of people who got involved and supported us, thank you to everyone who voted, whoever they voted for. I think it’s just really important that we keep on fighting to make democracy work for our communities.

“I think it’s great that the political landscape is changing and people are looking for positive alternatives. I think we have, over the last few years, offered a credible political alternative and people have now rewarded us. We plan to keep offering an alterternative, keep getting our hands dirty, collaborating with the local community to make things happen in South Leeds.”

Wayne Dixon the new Councilor for Middleton Park ward

Asked if his win in Middleton Ward was the biggest political shock in Leeds for years, Wayne Dixon said

“I don’t know that is that much of a shock to local people.

“I think people are starting to think outside of the traditional parties and starting to look at different politics and reassessing why they vote the way they do.

“Everyone in Middleton feels like they’re forgotten, and (they see) the investment that the city centre has.”

“It was mostly local issues that came up on the doorstep. I’ve always focussed on local issues, because that’s what I know about and that’s why I started in politics in the first place, because I feel the area has been let down.”

“It hasn’t really sunk in, but I’m very happy with the result and the fact that it wasn’t close, I won by several hundred votes.”

Annie Maloney, who held the Beeston & Holbeck seat for Labour, told South Leeds Life:

“I want to thank the residents of Beeston, Holbeck and Cottingley for putting their faith in me to be their Labour Councillor. I look forward to working with my fellow Councillors Andrew Scopes and Gohar Almass.

“I also want to thank Angela Gabriel for her 25 years of service as a Councillor. I know I have big shoes to fill, but I hope to do her and the community proud.”

Annie Maloney (centre) with Cllr Andrew Scopes and Cllr Gohar Almass

Overall there has been little change to the political make up of the Council. Labour are expected to retain an outright majority of the 99 seats once all the results are declared later this afternoon.

UPDATE (5:15pm): With all results in, Labour keep control of the Council, increasing their seats from 52 to 58, despite the two losses in our area.

The results in full:

Beeston & Holbeck Ward

Labour Party HOLD
Elected: MALONEY Annie

Candidate Description Votes
ANDREWS Peter Richard Liberal Democrats 179
ARMITAGE Natalia The Conservative Party Candidate 740
MALONEY Annie Labour Party 2,070
PERRY Nigel Social Democratic Party 250
POLUCCIU Mariana Green Party 971
REANEY Emily Louise Northern Independence Party – Nationalise Energy Companies 147
Electorate: 18,282
Turnout: 24.0%
Spoilt ballots: 25


Hunslet & Riverside Ward

Green Party GAIN
Elected: CARLISLE Ed

Candidate Description Votes
ADEYEMI Samson Roberts The Conservative Party Candidate 253
CARLISLE Ed Green Party 2,441
COTTLE Nick Freedom Alliance. Truth, Equality and Health. 42
FOSTER Thomas Peter Social Democratic Party 33
NASH Elizabeth Anne Labour Party 1,947
TURNER-CHASTNEY Benedict Liberal Democrats 53
Electorate: 17,597
Turnout: 27.2%
Spoilt ballots: 24


Middleton Park Ward

Social Democratic Party GAIN
Elected: DIXON Wayne Alan

Candidate Description Votes
ADEYEMI Taiwo Funmilayo The Conservative Party Candidate 408
ARBUCKLE Jude Patrick Liberal Democrats 82
ASQUITH Kay-Lee Anne Green Party 207
CHAMBERS Peter Labour Party 1,910
DIXON Wayne Alan Social Democratic Party 2,687
Electorate: 20,248
Turnout: 26.3%
Spoilt ballots: 23


Main photo: Ed Carlisle celebrates winning Hunslet & Riverside Ward with his supporters


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  1. At last voters seeing the light and voting 2 local activists into office. Those of us who are active in our communities in South Leeds know how we have been treated. The building of the unnecessary Park and Ride In Stourton, the decimation of our roads, the removal of greenery for concrete, allow post offices to close, shops to close……’s becoming a waste land. The only thing Labour care about is the city centre….this will cost then the people of Hunslet and Middleton won’t forget

  2. Well done Ed at long last now we can look forward to a better future. We are going to celebrate now cheers all our best wishes Sharon and Paul xx

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