CBFT are looking for more volunteers

The Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust (CBFT) will be distributing hot dinners to older people in South Leeds on Christmas Day – and they need your help.

Volunteers deliver Christmas lunch
Volunteers deliver Christmas lunch

This will be the third year that CBFT have supported socially isolated older people on Christmas Day. As well as a turkey dinner, they will be delivering a curry tea prepared and donated by the Hamara Centre. They have a dedicated team of volunteers, but they are looking for more people to help.

The Trust runs a range of activities through the year including Sunday dinners and Saturday breakfasts. Their latest service is about to launch in Belle Isle at the BITMOs GATE centre and the breakfast café needs a name as Margaret Bingham explained:

“We like to give our cafes a historic name that older people can latch onto. For instance our Holbeck café is called the ‘Holbeck Feast Café’, now we need a name for our Belle Isle café and we’d love to hear your readers’ suggestions.”

The café, which is being launched on Saturday 13 December 2014, will offer a full English breakfast for just £2.50.

The charity is named after Margaret’s son Ciaran who died tragically in a road traffic accident in 2010. Its aims are to support older people and to bring different groups together in the community.

If you would like to volunteer with CBFT please contact Margaret Bingham on 07538 273945, or Andrea Edwards on 07803 788812.

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  1. Can help distributing Christmas Lunches, but not Evening dinners as other plans.
    Please let me know if that would be helpful Margret?

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