Carrying of attack alarms on the rise

The residents of Beeston, as with many of our smaller urban conurbations often act as one. Through the years it has faced enormous economic and social challenges. It does, however remain a welcoming and friendly place, something the residents actively work on.

Image: Aaron Gustafson via Creative Commons

As a community, Beeston is responding with a zero tolerance to any kind of abuse or attack on its streets. An online poll conducted recently indicated 47% of residents in Beeston would immediately leave their house and offer help.  A further 36% said they would immediately investigate and call for help. A large proportion indicated they did not know what an attack alarm sounded like.

This prompted residents to launch a series of events. On the Thursday 6 April 2017, there will be a free demonstration of how to carry and use attack alarms and personal safety in general. This is open to women and is being hosted by West Yorkshire Police’s crime prevention team, at Elland Road police station at 6:15pm. To book a place email:


This post was written by Jarrod Gaines using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.