Car accident in Parkwoods, Beeston

parkwood 2Car Accident In Beeston

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Nicole Blair:

Just to let people know the family are ok it’s the other driver who is seriously injured.

It was the family car that was actually the one that was speeding not the man on his own.

Also the person in the other car the one that in fact didn’t cause the accident got out of the car (even though it was him that was Injured) to help the others as the children was crying but collapsed.

Police was just behind the car on its own and know it wasn’t him that was speeding and in fact the family.

Marie Thurman:parkwood 1

That’s the first time I have ever seen anything like it on Parkwood Road I lived on there so 20 years so say what it’s like on there now.


Jo Oxley:

The road is open now – hope all involved are ok & make speedy recoveries.




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  1. I think there should be speed bumps up on the Parkwoods as cars are always flying up and down there and there are a lot of blind corners. Why don’t the council put speed bumps up their instead of spending money on the stupid little trees they have planted on the Cardinals. I hope the person pulls through x

  2. And maybe if people put there cars in their driveway instead of filling the street with cars when they have drives.

  3. I have lived on Parkwood’s for 15 years. We have experienced drivers who think is acceptabe to drive at 50-60 miles an hour along our street since I have lived here. They drive on the wrong side of the road at speed on the 3 blind bends and I have myself had a few near misses. We have asked for traffic calming measures for years but this has fallen on deaf ears. Some rubbish about it being a bus route.
    We were told by the Police that the Peugoet car was at fault and a few of us have experienced this vehicle being driven at speed along our street. We dont know if it was the same driver but definatly the same vehicle.
    I also agree that people should park their vehicles in their driveway, I have seen two addresses further down that have 3 or 4 vehicles on their drive (some smashed up and not being used) and they are then parking one or two other vehicles on the road. The road is not very wide at all and this only causes more issues.

    Does it have to take some innocent person to be killed before something is done about this??

    Hopefully the Police and Council can come up with some ideas on how to stop these idiots putting residents lives at risk on a daily basis.

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