Bookmarked: Travesty of the Garnets

garnetsThe ever-reliable Leeds Citizen blog has been focussing on empty homes in Leeds this week and has today put the focus on the Garnets area of Beeston and a regeneration scheme that hasn’t worked out.

In the poignant post, the author states:

“The houses weren’t worth doing up. Apparently. And pulling them down will help “regenerate” the area – or that’s the plan.”

Then concludes:

“The end result?

“The city’s housing stock is lighter by 76. Houses condemned six years ago as “unsustainable stock” are now being refurbished. Others bought up from private owners for demolition (with all the associated costs) are going to be brought back into use.

“Where those 76 houses stood, the rough ground will be turned into “greenspace”, waiting for a developer or a government grant to come along some day and build those new homes that may or may not regenerate the area.

“Some day, one day …”

Read the full post here.

Leeds Citizen really is worth a read – it puts virtually every journalist in this city to shame with its reporting and analysis of council-related issues.

3 Replies to “Bookmarked: Travesty of the Garnets”

  1. I’m not sure it’s ‘ever reliable’ but it is always interesting! I have posted a long (and probably boring comment) which attempts to explain some of the background and why the truth is a bit more complicated than it might appear. Assuming it passes moderation then you can read it there if you’re interested…

    1. Steve, all comments go through, unless they could get me into trouble. Always happy to have it pointed out when I’m being “unreliable”. Cheers for taking the trouble to respond at such length.

  2. Thanks, Leeds citizen – I assumed that would be the case.

    I’m all in favour of free speech and I’m sure you’re more familiar with the law in these matters than I am but it did strike me that some of the comments to which I was responding might be defamatory… The subject of empty housing and regeneration is too important to be lost in rants!

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