Bookmarked: Middleton Life group chronicles local history

Middleton Park' has a rich history. Photo by Jeremy Morton
Middleton Park’ has a rich history. Photo by Jeremy Morton

Are you interested in local history? Middleton has an incredibly rich heritage, from mining and railways in Middleton Park to boundary disputes with Beeston and, in the 1920s, the building of one of the Leeds’s first council estates.

And now the Middleton Life local history group has launched its very own blog to map some of that history.

Featuring the memories of local residents as well as historical facts, articles feature the Tivoli Cinema, Middleton Arms and Middleton Lodge, the blog is compiled by Middleton residents.

The group meets at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre, Acre Close, Middleton, on the first Wednesday of every month, 10am-noon all welcome. Tomorrow’s meeting will look at the group’s bid to produce a small local history booklet for Middleton.

More details from John Baron on 0113 270 6903 or email