BITMO’s sheltered housing Valentine’s tea party

Setting up the tables for the Tea Party

Arrived back from the BITMO GATE Walking Group on Wednesday (15 February 2017) to a packed room for the Annual Valentine tea party at BITMO GATE run by Joanne Earnshaw (Lettings, Tenant & Supported Services Manager) and helpers.

Me and Sue managed to get the last 2 seats on offer.

We did not have to wait long for Keith to bring some cups of Tea.

Keith at our table: “More tea Vicar?”

I quickly did a count up of about 60 sheltered housing residents drinking tea from the best Royal Doulton china. Sandwiches came a bit later, ham, cheese and my favourite Egg. Keith was serving at our table. Well known for his wit.

Jonathon Chapman playing some background music from his new PA. Damien, later singing some hits from the 60s and 70s to keep us all entertained.

As well as singing, did some fantastic work on guitar, I really enjoyed the Shadows numbers, Foot Tapper and Apache. Plus two more I quite can’t put the names to.

He also did a fantastic guitar solo of Telstar, originally of the Tornadoes.

Our table: Sue, Ann and ladies from Broom Nook.

As the afternoon progressed cakes started to be served much to the delight of everyone.

We had two games of bingo. Sue is a bingo fan was unlucky on this occasion winning zilch.
Never mind always next year.

That’s how the afternoon finished with people drifting away into the cold night to go home, with the knowledge they’d had a fantastic afternoon.



We really enjoyed it. Sue added she can’t wait until next time.

A packed tea party