Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid held a Garden Party

59-garden-party-1Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid (BIEWA) held a Garden Party on Wednesday 21 September to celebrate the end of Summer.

The event was sponsored by Councillor Paul Truswell through his MICE money allocation, and we are most grateful to Paul for enabling us to host this event.

Paul reminded the attendees that this was BIEWA’s 30th Anniversary Year, and that we were proud to have been the first Elderly Aid Neighbourhood Network Charity to be set up in Leeds.

There were several games to play, a buffet lunch, and a singer – Jeff Grayson to conclude the event.

The weather was kind to us and everybody enjoyed the event. Councillor Kim Groves also attended the event, and was pleased at the number of people that had come along to the Garden Party.

BIEWA has two more events coming up:


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  1. What a wonderful event to get the local elderly and general community out and together. It would be a nice idea to expand these kind of events to more local Leeds communities. I hope your next event is just as wonderful.

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