Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid at The GATE

DSCF2402Having completed my Parkrun (last lap in the rain) got home, dried off and made my way to The GATE for the Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid Table Top Sale.

Think the first thing I did was grab a coffee and a biscuit from Carla, helped by her Mum Gail.

Carla had a word with me about my Halifax Giving Extra nomination, and had a look around the 10 stalls dotted around the centre.

Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid does a great job in Belle Isle in helping in helping elderly people. Making sure recently that I was OK in one of their yearly visits, and organised the Fire Brigade to come and fit a new smoke alarm.

Today was to raise money for this charity and other good causes such as Cancer Research. Like the Cancer research stall a couple more stalls were Tombola stalls. I had a go at them all, but did not win a prize. Never mind, more for someone else.DSCF2405

A few people were now coming into the centre, now stopped raining.

Bought a raffle ticket from Margret, one of The GATE board members. Had to leave before the draw, hope I won bottle whisky to feed my Christmas cakes.

Margret Bingham asked me if coming for lunch today at The GATE, of course. Paid money for my Christmas Party, that’s third one booked. Asked if I was delivering Christmas lunches and dinners on Christmas Day around the area, yes. Hopefully someone will have Sat-Nav.

This year having a party afterwards for the volunteers as well as some of the elderly at a centre, yet to be confirmed.

Thanks to Hunslet Hawks, they have given us the loan of their Mini Bus, so we can pick up some of the elderly in the area and take them to the Christmas day party lunch. All we need is a driver.

DSCF2404Had a word with Lynne, on her Bric-a-Brac stall. Jean and Christine from The GATE board, on one of the stalls were asking about my health.

Many of the stalls had cuddly toys, sweets and more cuddly toys. Think the sweets stalls comes into its own by selling stocking fillers for Christmas.

I managed to get some small notebooks from one of the stalls, ideal for putting in my pocket for reporting. Lady asked how many do you want, I said all of them.

Bought some CDs, Lesley Garrett (soprano) and Eric Clapton. How diverse a taste in music is that?

Had a word with Ian from Winter Aid, tells me not retiring yet. Will interview him when he does, for South Leeds life. I’m still waiting for someone to interview me. Lol.

Well that was that for today, had another cup of coffee and made my way home, and write up my notes for this blog.DSCF2403