Beeston man fined for letting pet roam free


Stray dog on street from
Stray dog on street from

A man from Beeston is counting the cost of letting his dog run free on the streets.

Derek Burrows, of Lodge Lane, failed to appear before Leeds magistrates last month. However magistrates found Burrows guilty of contravening Leeds’ dog control orders.

He must now pay a £200 fine and costs of £476.47 plus a £20 victim surcharge.

Burrows’ dog was spotted by one of the council’s environment officers on 28 February 2013. The officer followed the dog to a property on Lodge Lane.

As all dogs are required to be on a lead when on paths, pavements or verges next to roads, the officer issued Burrows with a £75 fixed penalty notice which he failed to pay.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said

“The potential cost to life and limb of both the animal and road users of an accident caused by an unattended dog doesn’t bear thinking about.

“The dog control orders are in place to keep everyone safe but where owners neglect their duties we will continue to educate and prosecute as necessary.”

Failure to comply with dog control orders carries a maximum £1,000 fine.

If your dog does not have a collar and tag you can be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000.