Beeston library to become community hub

Beeston is the latest library in South Leeds set to be converted into a community hub, following Dewsbury Road, St George’s Middleton and Hunslet.

Council officers have allocated £355,000 to upgrade the building and refit it so that it can provide a range of Council services. The refit will include new carpets, heating system, windows and a reconfigured entrance. New shelving and a new children’s area will upgrade the library service, whilst two new enquiry rooms will be created, space for public access computers and and accessible toilet will also be provided.

A start date for the works has been set, but the library will have to close whilst the works are carried out.

Cllr Angela Gabriel (Beeston & Holbeck) told the Yorkshire Evening Post

“It will be fabulous. The library in Beeston has always been well-used, but people have always had to go down to the community hub at Dewsbury Road in order to access services.

“If you live in Beeston, this will be a really good asset for people to come to and get any services they are able to get from a one stop centre. Once it is open, we will be able to have a good mix of things on in there.”


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3 Replies to “Beeston library to become community hub”

  1. Excellent idea.
    Can we please ensure the accessible toilet is really accessible and not one where you have to damage the inside by doing a 15 point turn. The so called regs arent good enough and in leeds we go above and beyond not just follow regs.

  2. Seems like a waste of money to me, why fix something that’s not broken? Dewsbury road hub is a stones throw away

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