Beeston & Holbeck ward hustings

On Monday night (25 April 2022) South Leeds Life hosted an online hustings meeting as part of our local elections coverage.

Please forgive the delay in posting this video, we’ve had some technical issues, but managed to resolve them now.

You can watch the whole meeting here:


2 Replies to “Beeston & Holbeck ward hustings”

  1. Watched this back and I’m all for local councillors being local ( sorry Labour as you have messed up Holbeck anyway) but the other candidates do not have enough about them . Labour continue to let crime run amok in our ward , prostitution, drugs , ASB etc but I want our Councillors to put an end to it and get tough – stop pussyfooting around , Labour are the cause but their is a big opportunity for another party to do something about it but I did not see that here

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thank you for watching the hustings, I’m really interested in your thoughts on this and sorry you’re disappointed in the current approach. Please feel free to drop me an email –


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