Beeston Cemetery grave memorial works

Leeds City Council have erected signs in Beeston Cemetery at the start of an ongoing programme to ensure the stability of graves memorials. Memorials will be tested and if they are unsafe they will be immediately laid down.

A Leeds City Council spokesperson told us:

“The Council has a legal duty to act quickly where the condition of graves and headstones could present a safety risk to the public, and headstones that are at risk of toppling over will be sensitively laid down to ensure that our cemeteries are safe.”

If you are a grave owner and your headstone or memorial is laid down you have the option to contact a qualified registered monumental mason to have the memorial re-erected using an approved fixing system. In addition, if you wish to have your memorial independently tested you can contact a monumental mason of your choice to test the memorial, and then supply the cemetery office with a copy of your report. Local residents who have any questions or need further information can call Leeds City Council Bereavement Services on (0113) 378 6002.