Beeston bin yards: two prosecuted

Tenants, landlords and homeowners are being reminded that bin yards are their responsibility after two people from Beeston were taken to court for failing to clear theirs up.

beeston bin yard
Ignoring requests to clean up this Beeston binyard left local residents in a right mess

The bin yard, on Harlech Crescent, Beeston was overflowing
with household waste, furniture, tyres and bricks.

A legal notice requiring local residents Toni Mallarkey and Kevin Igoe to clear the yard of rubbish was ignored, leading to prosecution. Both Mallarkey and Igoe were given six-month conditional discharges and ordered to pay £100 costs each.

Leeds council is hoping that the prosecution will act as a  reminder that bin yards are private land and it is up to tenants, landlords and homeowners whose properties are linked to them, to keep them tidy and litter free.

The council says it has been working in the Beeston,  Holbeck and Hunslet areas to make sure tenants, landlords and owners know how to dispose of and store their waste properly.

Efforts are being made to work with people to clear up bin yards, but enforcement action can be taken if responsibilities are ignored.

Anyone concerned that their bin yard is being used for flytipping should report it on 0113 2224406.

2 Replies to “Beeston bin yards: two prosecuted”

  1. This is a mess , my bin yard is fly tipped on a weekly basis . Is that my fault . If you have a clean bin yard a sofa or tv is put in it within the day . You would be getting thousands of calls a day . The bin yard over the road from my home was set on fire about three months ago council came out about five of them to look at one bin yard i told them about mine as it was worse than the one that was set alight and is very dangerous , still nothing has been done ?????

  2. Do you really think the people who got fined put the tires in there or fly tipped by people who have to pay to get rid of them . Go after the fly tippers and not the people who have been fly tipped on ???

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