Asha’s inter-generational trip to Pugneys Park

Asha Neighbourhood Project took a group of older and younger women to Pugneys Country Park in Wakefield to mark the International Day of Older People (IDOP).

This year’s theme was Linking Lives and the walk and picnic in the park gave an opportunity for the older women to chat with younger women. The younger women prompted the conversations – asking the older women to tell their life stories as they gathered around for picnic food. They talked about their past and present lives. The language barriers between them and their grandchildren. The benefits and challenges of children and grandchildren growing up in the west.

They discussed the impact of Covid 19 on families, their concerns surrounding vaccines and losing family members to the pandamic.

Women reported feeling relieved talking about their fears concerning the conspiracy theories around the pandamic and the vaccines.

One woman commented:

“This is the first time I have felt safe to come out of house to meet up with other women. I am looking forward to coming to the older women’s group. In future I hope we can go away somewhere in the countryside and stay overnight – have a chance to relax and explore.”

The trip was funded by an IDOP Community Grant.


This post was written by Tahena Ahmed

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