Asha’s family trip to Bridlington

Family vacations not only build life long memories, they also break family away from the usual routine, opening people’s minds to new cultures, foods and experiences. Opportunities are less for some people due to barriers such as income, gender, health and race. This means many families miss out on the benefits of day trips.

Asha Neighbourhood Project has been working hard to improve the lives of all women and children in South Leeds. Our aim is to give service users opportunities to live healthier and happier life. This involves tackling poverty and discrimination.

Some of the women said Covid-19 and the cost of living has increased their anxieties and affected them emotionally, physically, financially and socially.

To reach out to them we took 159 people to Bridlington in the summer holidays. Families enjoyed the beach, eating home cooked picnic food, soaking up the sun, watching the waves roll in while their children went for a swim and played on the sand with their friends and families. Others went to food stalls to eat ice-creams, pancakes, doughnuts, fish and chips.

Families have reported back feeling a sense of belonging and felt they bonded better with their neighbours and local families who went on the same trip.


This post was written by Tahena Ahmed

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