Asha celebrates another successful year

The Asha Neighbourhood Project held an open Annual General Meeting at the Building Blocks centre on the Wednesday 30 November 2016.

The community, students and volunteers came to receive certificates, learn about Asha’s progress and share their volunteering stories and experiences.

Asha Neighbourhood Project was founded in April 1985.  Over the last 30 years, the Asha Neighbourhood Project has been supporting women from the community in Beeston to live more fulfilling lives and achieve their potential. Initially the project was set up to provide services and activities to support and empower Bangladeshi women and children.

Asha has evolved over the years and now works with women and their families from all sectors of the South Leeds Community.

At start of the AGM Management Committee member Afia Khattun presented a card and chocolates to Helen Bishop as a thank you for her long service on the Management Committee as Treasurer, and to wish her well for the future.

A film showing the journey of the Prerona volunteers and beneficiaries was shown and copies of the DVDs was presented to the volunteers.

Four volunteers were presented with certificates of appreciation. Two of the volunteers spoke about their experience as Asha volunteers.

Certificates from The Vera Media, Learning Curve, Leeds City Council, and Cardigan Centre were presented for Childcare Level 1, First Aid, ESOL Beginners, and ESOL: Communication and confidence, Online Jobs & skills certificate, Computers in everyday life and Introduction to sewing.

Women’s Lives Leeds: Jackie Offord spoke about the new Women’s Lives Leeds initiative.

Councillor Nash introduced herself and said all 3 x local Councillors could be contacted by members of the public if they were suffering any problems relating to the Council.

Before the food was served Afia Khattun told the community, in the future Asha Neighbourhood Project will continue to provide the same services and look for more ways of working in partnership with other organisations.

She explained Asha Neighbourhood Project’s new joint partnership with the 12 citywide women’s projects ‘Women’s Lives Leeds’ aims to reach a greater number of hard to reach vulnerable women and to provide joined up, holistic support and other partners. Vera Media, the Cardigan Centre, Learning Curve and other providers have enabled the community to access a wide variety of courses and training throughout the year. Business In The Community and the Cranfield Trust will support Asha with its long term sustainability plans.

The Matrix quality mark has been renewed for a further 3 years, ensuring that we provide continued quality of information advice and guidance

Afia made an open offer to the room for anyone interested in joining Asha’s Management Committee or any volunteering opportunities, email Tahena Ahmed at  or call (0113) 270 4600. Asha Neighbourhood Project is also on Facebook.


This post was written by Tahena Ahmed using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.