Asda apply for 24 hour opening at Old Lane store


Asda has applied to Leeds City Council to make changes to its planning permission for its new store on Old Lane, Beeston.

After a lengthy process, Asda was granted planning permission to demolish its existing store on Old Lane and build a new, larger store on the site back in June 2013. As their store in Middleton gets ready to open, there is still no sign of building work at Old Lane.

Artists impression of the new Asda Store on Old Lane, Beeston
Artists impression of the new Asda Store on Old Lane, Beeston

The application to vary planning conditions seeks to extend the store’s opening hours to 24 hour opening Monday to Saturday and 10am-10pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The current permission is for 8am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-10pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

It also seeks to extend the hours for deliveries from 7am-11pm to 6am-11pm Monday to Saturday and from 8am-10pm to 7am-11pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Asda wishes to increase the floor area given over to ‘comparison’ goods such as cloths and electrical, compared to ‘convenience’ goods, with some seasonal goods displayed outside under a canopy. It also proposes changes to the site access during construction to allow the old store to remain open longer into the construction period.

Asda was set strict timescales by the South & West Plans Panel in June last year. They were to sign off a Section 106 agreement and other reserved issues within six months and complete construction within a further 12 month period.

The Section 106 agreement, which covers various community benefits – contributions to road improvements, employment of local people, etc was signed off on 20 December 2013, six months to the day after the panel decision. The reserved matters, which include trees, lighting, surface and boundary treatments, etc are now being dealt with in a second application submitted alongside the request to vary conditions.

Planning officers have clarified that, if agreed, the current application will vary the conditions of Asda’s planning permission, but if they are not agreed the existing permission will still stand.

Full details of the new applications can be found on the Council’s website, click on ‘Public Access” and search for application number 14/02461 (variation of conditions) and 14/02462 (reserved matters).

You can also comment on the proposals via the website.

5 Replies to “Asda apply for 24 hour opening at Old Lane store”

  1. I agree, why do we get 2 Asdas within 3 miles of each other and Tesco gets a no?
    Something fishy here. No problem with Asda as a store at all, but where’s the customer choice?
    Suppose it’s all done now so that’s that…..Aldi gives a bit of a change though.

  2. I do hope ASDA remains committed to this site no matter what the outcome of the decision. Is it too early to say I told you so?

  3. I’d like to see them sort a crossing out for old lane near Adsa, or at least a central refuge. Cars go way faster than the speed limit and it’s very difficult to cross.

  4. I second that about road crossing issues, only my concern is also with the lengthy stretch on Beeston Road that has no facilities. This road is currently quite dangerous for many children using the park and everybody using the high street shops. Doubtless once (if) the store is expanded on Old Lane the traffic on Beeston Road will increase considerably. I have filled an on line application on Gov website to “request a pelican crossing” – perhaps others could do the same.

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