Arrest for soliciting in Holbeck

polixce pictureWest Yorkshire Police – Leeds Inner South.

Holbeck Ward Update.

Over the Weekend, Officers from Inner South have been patrolling Holbeck and the area around Holbeck Lane.

As a result of this activity and interaction within the community they have made an Arrest for the offence of Solicitation for the purpose of Prostitution.

The female is to be charged to court for the offence and other Public Order offences.

Whilst also in the area a number of motorists have been dealt with for Road Traffic offences.


One Reply to “Arrest for soliciting in Holbeck”

  1. It really comes to something when one arrest for prostitution requires a whole blog post.
    And while the police were at it they also charged some men for traffic offences. What about charging men for their part in prostitution?
    When are we going to realise that it takes more than one person to commit an act of prostitution?
    When are we going to report on the men who drive around or walk around picking up young women?
    Somehow this whole report of one woman seems bias.

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