Arm in Arm walking group and Memory Cafe

Arm in Arm Walking Group

Arm in Arm Walking Group

I want to thank the 7 people who came on the Arm in Arm walking group last Wednesday.

The walk will be held on the second and fourth Wednesday in the month. The walk will start from Middleton Elderly Aid, and finish back there to some hot drinks.

Sam and Leanne gave us bottles of water for the walk. Thank you ladies.

The group walked into the park down to the café where we had tea or coffee while we had a rest before setting off back to MEA.

On the way back we used the less of the 2 inclines using the footpath along side of the church and Middleton Pond and back down Middleton Park Avenue.

Arm in Arm Memory Café

After the Arm in Arm walking group last Wednesday, we came back to a packed Middleton Elderly Aid for the first Arm in Arm Memory Café after the last one had to be cancelled because of bad weather.

It was nice to see Alex, again talking to the residents of the estate (who may have memory issues) and bring some literature for the group to see. Out for people to read various books going back decades to help with  there memory.

Leanne was helping out with a game or two with the members of the Middleton Elderly Aid. Sam was going around to everyone making them most welcome and having a chat with everyone.

A gentleman (name escapes me) from Engage Leeds who I had a chat with. Engage Leeds along with Michelle from MEA came to see me when I first moved into Acre Court 6 months ago
A few volunteers giving out tea and coffee (what would we do without volunteers) and plenty of biscuits on the tables.

I left thinking what a lovely day, and everyone I’m sure enjoyed themselves.

No photos were taken in the café to respect privacy. We may get permission next time.

By the time of the finish I noted about 30 people at the Memory Café. Apart from the Tea Cosy cafe in Rothwell this must be the busiest memory café I have been to.

I did help Walter to clear things up ready for events on the Thursday. Again Walter is a valuable member of Middleton Elderly Aid.

The Arm in Arms Memory café is held last Wednesday in the month, 1:30-3pm. All welcome.. See you all next month.

So a big thank you to Sam, Leanne, Alex, Engage Leeds and all the volunteers. 

Just 1 final thing. I have applied for a grant to help with funding the walking group in Middleton and Belle Isle. You can vote for the walking groups to get a grant at St Lukes Charity shops in Middleton and Beeston. Thank you.