A very good course

Carole CertificateThe Community Reporters course was a very good course to do, I got to know a lot and it was very enjoyable. I thought the people were very nice and helped me so much. It was nice to go to the park to take photos. I enjoyed talking to some of the people, and interviewing them. It was nice to find out what is happening at the park, I would not have found out if I did not go on a course like this.

I think it has helped me so much and the people were very nice who put this course together. It has done a lot for me and I hope they have enjoyed it like I have. The people who put this together are very nice. I moved house during the course and had so much to do that I didn’t think I could do anything like this, but I finished it.

It was very nice to meet new people and I got to know some nice people. It was good what they did on the course, I learned a lot. They helped us to take better photos. I hope to do more and take more photos.

I did not write much until I came here, now I am writing to my friend a lot more. Thank you for all the hard work you have all put in to it.

This article was written by Carole McKnight