A poem for Diana

Diana, the princess of all people’s hearts
Twenty whole years now have passed
Since that very first day that you came on TV
With a smile and a style of pure class
Engaging us all with your beautiful heart
That enthralled one and all ever since
A spectacular carriage and fairy tale gown
As you married the bachelor Prince
Blessed with two sons who would make you so proud
As they’ve grown into caring young men
Compassion and care for the people in need
Carrying on all the work you did then
We saw how you struggled and fought to ‘fit in’
Made us sad when we saw your tears fall
But despite many setbacks, you rose up again
As the true People’s Princess to all
Looking back now to that cruel August night
When your life ended there, in the dark
It affected us all here in so many ways
But your light still burns bright in my heart.


Image: Diana, Princess of Wales memorial fountain by Laura LaRose via Creative Commons.


This post was written by Yvonne Ugarte using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.